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Mrs S A A
F 40 Thornton Heath
I was suffering from back pain and neck pain as I have scoliosis. I also have arthritis in my feet and ankles. I also had blocked nose, especially at night and had severe difficulty breathing. 
Now, receiving treatment from Nuga Best, I feel more relaxed, healthier than before. I can now breathe without using any supplements. I have also lost weight and the general health has improved.

Mrs L M
F 65 Croydon
I slept badly, waking up serveral times during the night. I now sleep like a baby!
I don’t wake up serveral times after about 5 weeks on the Nuga Best NM-5000.

Now that I sleep better I feel more energised; a domino effect in a positive way.
My muscles feel strengthred, I feel more supply and I feel as if I've lost weight. This has been an amazing experience. How refreshing it is to be able to sample something so unqie without the "hard sell".
Well done Nuga-Best, your hospitality has been outstanding. I see this as a natural path to restore health - an instrument to assist the body to heal itself without medication and unpleasant side effects.

Mrs S K
Before I came to Nuga Best, I felt heavy, weak. I had back pains, leg pains and I visited doctor for consult and was recommended to have sessions with Nuga Best. 

Now after having sessions at Nuga Best, I feel light, strong, more active, energetic. Back pains, leg pains, headache are gone now. I feel fit and I feel as if I lost weight. Very good for health and fitness.

Mrs D N S
F 71 Croydon
I had some pain in my left arm and back. After 10 treatments, I started feeling better and also I have lost my weight around my waist.
I can feel the difference. I will recommend everyone to try a session. In a week I have seen the result.

Mrs E C
F 60 Croydon
I have been suffering with neck and shoulder pain. Extreme tiredness due to an underactive thyroid gland. Also I was suffering with my stomach (acid/reflux) After 5 weeks of using the NM-5000 the pain has definitely improved in neck and shoulder.

I feel more relaxed with improved concentration. My breathing is easier and I feel more energetic together with a few pounds weight loss. I have not suffered with stomach acid any more. My son was so overjoyed with my health improvement that he has actually purchased the NM-5000 for me to use at home!

Mrs Y G
F Thornton Heath
I felt bloated and tired. I was sleeping very little.
I feel that I have lost weight even though I have not weighed myself. I feel lighter and healthier. My abdomen is flatter and there is no bloating. I feel refreshed. I also have much better quality sleep. I find the machine very beneficial and I am thinking of buying one. I find the staff very helpful, supportive and calming in their manners.

Mrs I V
F 62 CR0 5JA
I was 84.6kg Now 78.6kg Excellent all round.
Really happy with weight loss and health improvement.

Mrs R L
F 79
I was stiff, lethargic with waist and hips obese due to lack of exercise.
Longstanding severe spinal misalignment under treatment of Chiropractor is beginning to show results.

Only now I am allowed to start exercising again.
I could not motivate myself to do it though! Like magic, here I am one of the many lucky ones where Nuga Best is allowing me to trial the path towards a new beginning, as the bed exercises me.
After my first visit I felt disorientated and needed to sit a few minutes one the chairs provided away from the Nuga Best bed area. Tired when I reached home in Purley.
Even an afternoon nap didn't help. 2nd visit similar but not quite so disorientated or tired.

3rd visit I got into the rhythm of the rollers and actually felt them doing me good by mobilising the stiff parts and probably increasing blood flow too. By 4th visit I was eagerly looking forward to it.
Sunday break in between and on to my 2nd week. There is a difference in my wellbeing, even if only subtle I propose to write up on a week to 2 weeks basis, and to watch the weight as I may have lost 1 pound in spite of no difference to constipation which is evident more often these days, I can vouch for it that my eating habits had not changed and that "slimming" is a struggle I had given up on long ago.

It may be worthwhile to mention that I found not only my actions, but also my reactions slowing as I become older, be that in everyday life or in medical issues when taking medication. It is not surprising, when taking that into account, that many users benefit from the Nuga Best use at a much faster pace.

For now it's all positive for me and I can't express my gratitude enough for the most generous trial period. I would ask of users to please play fair and co-operate regarding instructions for use. these instructions are there to help our trial period to run smoothly and no matter what others may think of me, I would like to mention that no-one owes us these trials, but we owe a debt of gratitude. as we were requested to feedback, that is the least I feel I can do, to keep up the feedback.

Mr J O
M, 59, Croydon
I was weighting 13 stones when I first started with nuga best.
I have lost one stone. ( 04/06/2010 )  weight loss

Ms I M
I was suffering weight problem which lead to a blood pressure problem, breathless and heaviness with legs and back pain.
Since last month I started therapy with Nuga best, I feel good and started loosing weight and walking faster than before, my BMI had come down, even my blood pressure and also my breathing has changed. Thank you.