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Mr K H-J

F 24 New Addington
My lower back, thighs and neck were tight with tension. I suffered from aches and pains.  After trial sessions at Nuga Best, my lower back feels relaxed. Reduced tension and tightness in thighs and neck. I feel energetic and great. I recommend it fully.

Ms V A
F 23 Thornton Heath
I had previously suffered from neck and shoulder pain for 3 years after having a baby.  The pain has completely gone after my first visit to Nuga Best, my body feels lighter and more relaxed.

Ms J B
F 28 CR2 8AR
Tension in neck and lower back, and sometimes causes headaches. 
No tension, feeling energetic and positive after using Nuga Best NM-5000. Brilliant

Mr N Y
M 40 Croydon
I had back pain and neck pain Now I feel good, the back pain is gone.
My body feel better now.

Mrs C W 
F 43 Pimlico
Sinus very bad, spasm and slight fits.
I was under a neurologist and they could not explain. The stress and tension in the back of my neck. Sinus is now very barable.
Since I've been coming here it has almost disappeared. Stress and tension are completely gone, I feel calm, cool and colative it is almost like a miracle.

Mr S K 
M 29 Croydon
I always had pain, headache, nervous and was always in a rush. I had neck problem, insomnia and back pains. 
I've used the Nuga Best NM-5000 for only 6 times and I can feel the difference, no back pain, no neck problem, feel more strong, concentrate better, less nervous and feel good and happy.

Mr R C
M 47 Streatham
Pain in my stomach and pain at side of legs and back and on the bottom.
I constantly had dizzy feeling in my head and pain behind the neck, acid over flow in the stomach, low energy level.

I went to consult my GP, who said I have stomach acid problem and I was required to excercise more. I also went to the Chiropractice where an X-ray was taken, showing me that I had a curved spine and neck. After using Nuga Best NM-5000, I feel much better with less pain in my stomach, bottom, upper legs with more energy levels.

There is less pain in the neck and lower back and I have lost 1/2 stone in weight. I feel less dizzy in the head. It is the best invention of the 21st Century.
Thanks Nuga Best. It is the best invention for health and well being. I am greatful for what the free trial of Nuga Best is doing for my health and body.