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Mrs D A P
F 60 Thornton Heath
I had Lower back pain and tight thighs where I couldn't cross my legs and sit down. Because I have sciatica problem I couldn't sit down on the floor as I am a Indian I sit on the floor and eat my food.With this Nuga Best, my body's pain is reducing and my thigh pain has gone.

Now I can sit down on the floor with my legs crossed and I can do my mediation and eat my food as well. Nuga Best is really good.

Mrs J B
F 71 Croydon
I had painful knees/legs, numbness of fingers, shoulder pains. Generally feeling stiff all over my body. Slight back ache.
The pains are reduced from my shoulder after the 1st treatment. Pains of my fingers are also much reduced, hoping as time goes on it will be pain free.
The knees are also much better as I can climb the stairs better with less pain. It's still difficult when I try to walk down the stairs, I am hopeful all will be ok after the end of my free trial sessions or before then.
Thanks for Nuga Best service. Also thanks to the carer for looking after us here.

Mrs A P
F 52 Sutton
I had lower back pain and on whole of the legs. The lower back pain was due to the bulging disc. 
Now its much better, I can walk without back pain and can manage to do house work. I still get nausea after 3 weeks.

Mrs S C
F 68 Croydon
I was not sleeping well. I used to feel very tired and I have muscular pain in left leg. I'm now getting better sleep at nights. Now I feel more energetic. I'm getting better from the muscular pain. Also my hand nails have started growing after very long time.

Mr N P
M 74 Croydon
I had neck, spinal pain and lowe back pain. I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. I have leg/foot pain and sleepless nights.Now the neck ,spinal pain are gone. Much better health after receiving treatment. The diabetes, high blood pressure are much more in control. The blood pressure are now normal. The pain on my lower back and foot are gone. General health has improved greatly and sleeping is very good at nights. Overall its very good fro my health.

Mr Z S
M 80
I had back pain, leg pain. I could not walk much. I needed a stick. I had pain for past 5 years. Now the pain have been reduced considerably. I am feeling a lot better in myself. My legs feel stronger than before.

Ms M I
F Croydon
I had weight problem which lead to a blood pressure problem, breathless and heaviness on the legs and also back pain. Since I started having the sessions at Nuga Best, I feel good and had start loosing weight and is walking faster than before. My BMI and blood pressure have come down. My breathing has changed also.

Mrs I R O
F 58 Thornton Heath
Full pain in my leg and ankle pain for the last 5 years. 
After 5 sessions at Nuga Best the pain has gone.

Mr R C
M 47 Streatham
Pain in my stomach and pain at side of legs and back and on the bottom. I constantly had dizzy feeling in my head and pain behind the neck, acid over flow in the stomach, low energy level.
I went to consult my GP, who said I have stomach acid problem and I was required to excercise more. I also went to the Chiropractice where an X-ray was taken, showing me that I had a curved spine and neck. 
After using Nuga Best NM-5000, I feel much better with less pain in my stomach, bottom, upper legs with more energy levels. There is less pain in the neck and lower back and I have lost 1/2 stone in weight. I feel less dizzy in the head. It is the best invention of the 21st Century. Thanks Nuga Best. It is the best invention for health and well being. I am greatful for what the free trial of Nuga Best is doing for my health and body.

Ms S D-G
F 27
I had back pain, head migrane, leg tension. 
After being at Nuga Best, my back pain has reduced, headaches have reduced, tension has reduced all by 70%. Nuga Best has an amazing treatment solution to well known problems.

Mrs S B
F 46 Croydon
I have back pain, neck pain, leg pain, muscle pains all over, high blood pressure. I could not walk or stand up without walking sticks. I used to take tablets three times a day.
In less than two weeks time after having treatment with Nuga Best Model NM-5000, I able to walk freely without walking sticks and feel energetic.
My blood pressure has come down. I reduced tablets to twice a day. Thanks very much for helping me with Nuga Best equipment. I'm very happy now.

Mrs S
F 71 Thornton Heath
I had pain in the head especially around the rear part. I also had leg and back pains. After using the beds at Nuga Best, I feel much better in and around the neck area.

Mr L A
M 75 Croydon
My feet was very painful, there are weakness in both legs. I also suffer from Diarrhoea, occationally still take tablets to control this. I also suffer from backpain. Weakness to both feets improved.
There is improvement in my diarrhoea. Also some improvements in my back.

Mrs G I
F 38 Sutton
I had a stroke 14 years ago and was constantly suffering from muscle cramps, spasms, joint stiffness on my right side of the body.
Including shoulders, arms, legs and hips. Due to this pain, I had trouble sleeping at night, I also had trouble lifting objects. 
Now the muscle cramps have gone along with general pain on my right side. I can now lift objects up easily with no problem. I also had very bad dark circles, which are now gone. Better blood circulation in general. Body much better. Very good , excellent, Iwould definitely recommend to others!