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Mr C E
M 62yrs
Before I had Prostate Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Tiredness, Fatigue. I used to just sit at home after work and felt unfit and very tired. I felt my life was put on hold, Didn't fancy going to the gym, but still paid the monthly fee.

 Now, I made full recovery (After Chemo therapy and with Nuga Best NM-5000 - No Cancer), High Blood Pressure is Normal, More Energy, Less Fatigue. I had Blood test with GP last week, the results were ALL normal. I feel 10 years younger, much more energised, more positive outlook on life. Love going to the gym. I love travelling again. Playing with the grand children in the park. My colleagues at work say I look great again.

Mr C A
40 Croydon
I am obesed with high blood pressure and I was getting stressed.
Now I am much relaxed, I have lost 1 kg and now my doctor is thinking of decreasing medication.
Very good equipment and I would recommend it to anyone.

Mrs S B
F 46 Croydon
I have back pain, neck pain, leg pain, muscle pains all over, high blood pressure.
I could not walk or stand up without walking sticks. I used to take tablets three times a day.
In less than two weeks time after having treatment with Nuga Best Model NM-5000, I able to walk freely without walking sticks and feel energetic.
My blood pressure has come down. I reduced tablets to twice a day. Thanks very much for helping me with Nuga Best equipment. I'm very happy now.

Mr N P
M 74 Croydon
I had neck, spinal pain and lowe back pain. I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. I have leg/foot pain and sleepless nights.
Now the neck ,spinal pain are gone. Much better health after receiving treatment.
The diabetes, high blood pressure are much more in control. The blood pressure are now normal. The pain on my lower back and foot are gone.
General health has improved greatly and sleeping is very good at nights. Overall its very good fro my health.

Ms I M
I was suffering weight problem which lead to a blood pressure problem, breathless and heaviness with legs and back pain.

Since last month I started therapy with Nuga best, I feel good and started loosing weight and walking faster than before, my BMI had come down, even my blood pressure and also my breathing has changed. Thank you.