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Mrs N A

F 43 South Norwood
I was suffering from blood pressure and diabetes. Nuga Best NM-5000 is very good. At first I had an earache, but after constant use I am getting much better. Very good, I can't believe it is treating all of my symptoms. Thank you Nuga Best.

Mrs N K
F 49 Croydon
I was suffering from many diseases, primarily "slipped disc". Others include asthma, diabetes, difficulty in leg use. I had difficulty walking and pain in legs, shoulders and generally all over the body, I could not walk properly. My friend told me about Nuga Best and I came along to have a try. After using the equipment at Nuga Best for a week, I can walk without any pain now. I live near Mayday Hospital and I can walk from there to central Croydon, where the trial centre is. I am very satisfied with the product at Nuga Best and the services. Thank you so much!

Mr N P
M 74 Croydon
I had neck, spinal pain and low back pain. I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. I have leg/foot pain and sleepless nights.Now the neck ,spinal pain are gone. Much better health after receiving treatment. The diabetes, high blood pressure are much more in control. The blood pressure are now normal. The pain on my lower back and foot are gone. General health has improved greatly and sleeping is very good at nights. Overall its very good fro my health.