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Mr S M

M 42yrs Shepherds Bush
I had a slight twinge in my left lower back before coming to Nuga Best. The twinge has gone due to the deep heat therapy from Nuga Best NM-5000. I feel great, I would recommend this to anyone who has any sort of long or short term problem with body inside or out.

Mrs A T
F 40yrs
I was suffering from chronic lower back pain. Now I feel very agile, with a greater degree of flexibility and I bounce off the bed without thinking. There was no pain, I highly recommend it. I can't wait to enjoy its presence in my own home.

Mr A K U
M 47 Norbury
I had previously suffered from lower back pain and headaches, also I snored a lot. I feel good now after treatment at Nuga Best and now I sleep very well; my snoring has reduced dramatically. When I'm walking, I feel very good, not like before.

Mrs S K
F 42 Thornton Heath
I came to Nuga-Best on 29/04/2010, I had both lower and upper back pain, finding Nuga Best was all I needed. After a few sessions at Nuga-Best, I feel a big relief and lower back pain has eased up. I will continue with the treatment and I would recommend it to anybody having similar pain or different pain, it's helped me a lot. It's a good exercise for the whole body, I will encourage my friends and family to join and find out for themselves how good it feels.

Mr G H
M 36
I had a stiff back, and when walking my osture was stooped and slouched giving me a sore shoulder. Now I have softer back muscles, no shoulder pain, and I'm now more relaxed when walking. I am now more relaxed over the entire body.

Mr K H-J
M 24 New Addington
I had lower back and my thighs were tight with tension. I suffered from aches and pains; my neck was also tight. After the trial sessions at Nuga Best, my lower back feels relaxed. I now have reduced tension and tightness in my thighs and my neck. I feel more energetic! It's great, highly recommended!

Mrs C W
F 43 Vauxhall
I was generally stressed, and suffered with severe lower back pains. I am now relaxed and feel much calmer. My pain is nearly completely gone after two sessions. Feeling fantastic.

Ms I G C
I had pain in the lower back at all times and I did not sleep well. This is the first time I've slept so well.

Ms M
F Croydon
I had a weight problem which lead to a blood pressure problem. I was also breathless and felt heaviness on the legs and also back pain. Since I started having the sessions at Nuga Best, I feel good and have started losing weight and I'm walking faster than before. My BMI and blood pressure have come down. My breathing has also changed.

Mrs M W
F Thornton Heath
I was stiff all over and was not able to sleep. After Nuga Best I've had the best nights sleep. The best for a long while. Also I feel totally relaxed. Amazing for the short amount of time I've used the bed at the Nuga Best Trial Centre.

Mr N Y
M 40 Croydon
I had back pain and neck pain Now I feel good, the back pain is gone. My body feels better now.

Mr H A
M 52 Croydon
My lower back was hurting. Now my back is getting better. The equipment has helped me.

Mr M C
M 36 Croydon
I had severe back pain with poor posture. I have had back pain for over 3 years. Acupuncture was a constant thing. My standard of living was poor. Now I feel awesome, great and alive. Thank you, I will surely come back. After a day, I testify the efficiency of the equipment and wish to own one one day. Just fantastic!

Mr H A
M 52 Croydon
My back was hurting a lot, and my movement was restricted. Now it's starting to show the results, it's very good.

Mr M S
M 33 CR2 7DX
I have been suffering from back pain for a long time. The treatment was very good, it was my first time that I used Nuga Best, I could feel the difference and I will try the trial and recommend to friends and family.

Mrs L B
F Surrey
I had weakness in my lower back and pain during sleeping and walking. The pain usually radiated to the left side of my hip. This was due to falls that I've had over the years. The pain in my back particularly the left side is much reduced. I am walking much better and I am feeling much better, particularly on my left side and lower back. The left side of my hip is no longer painful when I am getting out of my bed each morning. In general, my mobility is much improved after being at Nuga Best. I am just waiting for the pain in the back of my right leg to go now.

Mr D B
M 44 Croydon
I had lower back and upper back pains with a lot of general tension on my back. Now I have less pain on in both my lower and upper back. I feel lighter and the pain has been relieved. The equipment warms up both my back and the front of my body and works deep into my muscles, relieving me of tension and tightness in my body.

Mrs A R
F 42 Battersea
I had pain in my lower back. After only a few sessions, I could feel some improvement.

Ms K
F 28
I have been having pain in lower back. I am now feeling a bit better, could lay flat on back for 20 minutes or so.

Mr D B-J
M 46 Streatham
I had sciatica on my right side before starting the treatment on my back. Now there is no more discomfort in my right side with the sciatica

Mr S K
M 29 Croydon
I found it very hard to sleep and I always got very angry at small things. I had no peace of mind and suffered from pain in my back, neck, head and legs. Now I sleep soundly and can handle pressure without getting as stressed. I have tried the NM-5000 only 12 times and it is something unbelievable. I no longer have pain, nor any complaints and I'm very happy to be in this situation. I would recommend it to anyone else in these circumstances too.

Mrs V S
F 53 Croydon
I had back pain and was stressed. I'm now on the 9th day of treatment at Nuga Best Trial Centre and I'm feeling very good.

Ms M S
F 31 Croydon
I was suffering from back pain and bad digestion and was also over weight. Within a few days at Nuga Best Trial Centre, I see improvements and I'm feeling much better.

Mr R C
M 47 Streatham
I had pain in my stomach as well as pain in the side, and the bottom, of my legs and back. I constantly had a dizzy feeling in my head and pain behind the neck. I also experienced acid reflux in the stomach and consistently had a low energy level. I went to consult my GP, who said I have stomach acid problem and I was required to exercise more. I also went to the Chiropractic Centre where an X-ray was taken, showing me that I had a curved spine and neck. After using Nuga Best NM-5000, I feel much better with less pain in my stomach, bottom, upper legs with higher energy levels.There is less pain in the neck and lower back and I have lost 1/2 stone in weight. I also feel less dizzy. It is the best invention of the 21st Century. Thanks Nuga Best. I am grateful for what the free trial of Nuga Best is doing for my health and body.

Mrs R B
F 61 Croydon
I had problems with the neck, shoulder and the back in general. I could not move my left arm/shoulder for 3 months preventing me from sleeping. I have had spine problems for 10-12 years and could not lie down comfortably. After being at Nuga Best, I can move my neck/shoulders and I can lift things. I can also lie down without much pain. Thank you. I thank you all and it is a blessing giving all this wonderful treatment for free!

Mrs R C
F South Croydon
There was pain in the ankles and occasional back pain/weak back. The painful ankles have improved and some days where there is no pain. My back is generally better too after having sessions at the Nuga Best Trial Centre I found the back massages very relaxing and enjoyable. I have tried the low frequency stomach band once today so I am unsure on the results on that at the moment.

Ms S D-G
F 27
I had back pain, head migraine, leg tension. After being at Nuga Best, my back pain has reduced, headaches have reduced, tension has reduced all by 70%. Nuga Best has an amazing treatment solution to well known problems.

Mrs N K
F 49 Croydon
I was suffering from many diseases, primarily "slipped disc". Others include asthma, diabetes, difficulty in leg use. I had difficulty walking and pain in legs, shoulders and generally all over the body, I could not walk properly. My friend told me about Nuga Best and I came along to have a try. After using the equipment at Nuga Best for a week, I can walk without any pain now. I live near Mayday Hospital and I can walk from there to central Croydon, where the trial centre is. I am very satisfied with the product at Nuga Best and the services. Thank you so much!

Mrs B J S
F 64
My overall circulation feels better, along with improvements in aches and pain in the lower back.

Mr O W
M 58 Pimlico
I had a terrible low back pain, especially around the lumbar region. I had lots of treatment such as acupuncture. However the problem never improved until I came to Croydon to see Nuga-Best. This is my fourth day and I feel a tremendous improvement on my back. My life seems to be getting back to my younger age when I experienced no pain thanks to Nuga Best and all the entire friendly staff. Well done!

Mrs S A A
F 40 Thornton Heath
I was suffering from back pain and neck pain as I have scoliosis. I also have arthritis in my feet and ankles. I also had blocked nose, especially at night and had severe difficulty breathing. Now, receiving treatment from Nuga Best, I feel more relaxed, healthier than before. I can now breathe without using any supplements. I have also lost weight and the general health has improved.

Mrs A P
F 46 Thornton Heath
I was suffering from constipation, knee stiffness and trouble sleeping due to back pains. Now after getting treatment from Nuga Best, I no longer have constipation, and less pain in the knees and I now sleep comfortably with less back pains.

Mr G A
M 38
My neck, mid back, lower back was stiff and painful and the shoulders were frozen. There is much improvement and the pain is gone and now I am moving better. After years of trying different methods, e.g. acupuncture, chiropractor osteopath, Nuga Best has been the best treatment I've had.

Mrs W M
F 64 Fulham
I was unable to lie comfortably on my back. Sleeping was a major problem, I was sleeping a maximum of 2 hours. The slightest noise woke me up. I can now lie on my back very comfortably and I am sleeping much better. This programme has helped me immensely.

Mrs Z N
F 72 Croydon
I had lower back pain, going down the right leg and left knee. After using the Nuga Best NM-5000 four times, there is a big improvement in the right ankle and in the lower back.

Mrs R G
F 54 Croydon
I had frozen shoulder problems, e.g stiff shoulder I feel more agile and now I am able to move the shoulder freely. There is improvement in my posture, less pain in my lower back and now clothes fit me around my waist very nicely.

Mrs S B
F 46 Croydon
I had back pain, neck pain, leg pain, muscle pains all over along with high blood pressure. I could not walk or stand up without walking sticks. I used to take tablets three times a day. In less than two weeks time after having treatment with Nuga Best Model NM-5000, I am able to walk freely without walking sticks and feel more energetic. My blood pressure has come down. I reduced tablets to twice a day. Thanks very much for helping me with Nuga Best equipment. I'm very happy now.

Ms D C
F 28
I have been having pain in my knee and back, making it difficult to climb the stairs. I am now climbing stairs without having pain in my back and knee. It is very good and I would recommend it to anyone.

Mrs S K
Before I came to Nuga Best, I felt heavy, weak. I had back pains, leg pains and I visited doctor for consult and was recommended to have sessions with Nuga Best. Now after having sessions at Nuga Best, I feel light, strong, more active, energetic. Back pains, leg pains, headache are gone now. I feel fit and I feel as if I lost weight. Very good for health and fitness.

Mrs R D
F 78 Streatham
I had pain on the right side of my back, especially during the night. Very little pain now. Very good.

Mrs S
F 71 Thornton Heath
I had pain in my head especially around the rear part. I also had leg and back pains. After using the beds at Nuga Best, I feel much better in and around the neck area.

Mrs R S
F 55 SE25 5LT
I had a bad shoulder, lower back pain, slipped disc, knee pains and sciatica. I couldn't move my arms or reach my back or shoulder with my hands. I have no pains now and sciatica has gone. I can walk freely 3~4 miles without pain and I feel energetic.

Mrs D N S
F 71 Croydon
I had some pain in my left arm and back. After 10 treatments, I started feeling better and also I have lost my weight around my waist. I can feel the difference. I will recommend everyone to try a session. In a week I have seen the result.

Mrs S S
F 65 Croydon
I was suffering from lower back pain and cold feet, having lot of pain in my knee. After few days of treatment, I now feel better, sleeping well, but still waiting for my knee pain to recover.

Mr J L
M 33 Croydon
I have stiffness in my hand and numbness in my fingers. I also had upper back, low back pains with pins and needles on my legs, and I can't move properly as I have sclerosis problems, which affects my two hands and my legs. I can't carry shopping bags and have difficulty standing after sitting on a chair for 15minutes. I have seen some improvements but there is still long way to go as my situation is complicated with the damage to the spine. My walking has improved now, much better than it was before. Also the pins and needles on my legs and heads are gradually going down. Pain in my upper back is slightly reduced. I can recommend to family and friends to buy the bed as it is an worthy asset.

Mrs D A P
F 60 Thornton Heath
I had lower back pain and tight thighs where I couldn't crossly legs and sit down. Because I have sciatica problem I couldn't sit down on the floor as I am a Indian I sit on the floor and eat my food. With this Nuga Best, my body's pain is reducing and my thigh pain has gone. Now I can sit down on the floor with my legs crossed and I can do my mediation and eat my food as well. Nuga Best is really good.

Mrs Y R
F 75
I had back pain for 18 years. After the first session I feel no back pain and I feel much better. Even my tummy that had trouble are gone now.

Mrs Y B
F 35 Thornton Heath
My lower back used to hurt a lot after I had my baby daughter, I could not stand and walk long. I have sleeping problem as well, I could not sleep if I am stressed or something is bothering me.When I had my first session, it was not comfortable at all. It hurt my lower back, so I did not go back for 4 days. Then after when I kept going, my back is so much better now. After 10 days of treatment I don't feel pain now even if I have been busy all day. My sleep quality has improved as well, this bed is amazing.

Mrs S O
F 64 Streatham
I suffered from chronic back pain, Insomnia, joint pains and neck stiffness. Before coming to Nuga Best I was in a lot of pain and was very tired because of lack of sleep. I have been attending for one week and I feel so much better. I am now more relaxed so I am sleeping much better and I am not so tired. I feel invigorated and I can concentrate much more. I am not in so much pain, and swelling in joints are not so noticable. Overall I am much happier and smiling a lot more because I feel comfortable within myself.

Mrs K R P
F 72
I had lower back pain, high blood pressure and kidney problem.After having treatments, overall I feel better and I'm sleeping well. I feel more energetic and fresh. I like this Nuga Best, it's the best.

Mrs S A
F 71 Peterborough 9SG
I was 13 stone and had back pain. After 11 sessions, I'm 12 stone and my back pain is gone. Very good, I became painless.

Mrs E S
F 75 Croydon
I was experiencing pain in lower back and shoulder pains on and off approximately for four to five years. Now I'm much better and feel more comfortable in my lower back. I'm still experiencing shoulder pains but not as severe as formerly. I think the massage experience has helped to relieve me of the pain.

Mrs A P
F 52 Sutton
I had lower back pain and on whole of the legs. The lower back pain was due to the bulging disc. Now its much better, I can walk without back pain and can manage to do house work. I still get nausea after 3 weeks.