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Tourmanium Joint Care

• Model License NO. : 06-873
• Size : 400(W) * 200(D) * 120(H)
• Weight/Package : 2.6kg / 1set
• Rated Electric Flow : DC 24V / 2.5A
• Electric : 60W
NM-70 Joint Care with its bio-engineered design made to wrap around the joints, simply removes pain from the knees and the shoulders.

★ Features and Effects:

Alleviates pain within the knees, shoulders and elbows.
Increases blood circulation around the joints.
Thermal Heat effect of the Far Infrared Rays is increased due to the embeded Tourmanium inner lining found
   on the inside of the NM-70.
Complete temperature control, ranging from 40C-65C.
Bio-engineering design made to wrap around the knees and shoulders.