Tourmanium Jewellery Set

The Tourmanium Jewellery Set Consists of a necklace with a pendant and a bracelet. It comes in two different sizes, one for Gents and one for Ladies. The mens set contains a few more tourmanium ceramics than the ladies set to account for the larger size.

This item is made from the highest quality Tourmanium. This exclusive jewellery set is not only fashionable and exquisite but has major health benefits to the wearer, thanks to high levels of Far Infrared Rays and Anions.

The key benefits include the improvement of blood circulation to the head and to the hands. Those who suffer from constant migranes, dizziness and also from numbness, frequent pins and needles and cold hands will see dramatic improvements. Warmth will return to the hands and to the body.

Why keep beauty and fashion trends separate from good health? Why not enjoy both together! The Features and medical principles of the Tourmanium Jewellery set are outlined below.


Far Infrared Rays are emitted from the Sun and from our own bodies. Far Infrared Rays are non-invasive, but they can reach deep into the nerves and muscles, providing deep heat therapy and a large variety of other health benefits.
They bolster the body's healing ability by boosting your metabolism and immune system, helping to detoxify the blood. Far Infrared Rays also assist with weight loss.

Anions are negatively charged Ions which are abundant in nature. Places where they can be found in large quantities include mountains, forests and under waterfalls.
Anions help to relax, refresh and rejuvenate the human body.
They help you recover faster from exhaustion and fatigue, furthermore they calm the mind and normalize the body.