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♣ Sponsorship of the 2nd Wonju Mayor Cup Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

‘The 2nd Wonju Mayor Cup Wheelchair Basketball Tournament’ was held in Wonju KT Education Center Gymnasium on 22 October 2010. For this event, Nuga Medical delivered its sponsorship contribution to Gangwon Provincial Basketball Association for the disabled stating, “We hope to make contributions to the increase in social integration of health and mind, as well as leading the disabled to their hope and passion through wheelchair basketball so that those with disabilities can also enjoy their healthy life.”

♣ Ceremony for Sponsorship Fund to Bethel Elder's College

“Ceremony for Sponsorship fund to Bethel Elder’s College” was held in the auditorium of Nuga Medical on 20 October 2010.

Representative Director Kim Hong-je said in this venue, “We will continue to address various sponsorship activities in practicing our love for neighbours even in the future, while making efforts to help our neighbours who need us not only through our monetary contributions but also through our practical voluntary efforts.”

♣ Delivering sponsorship fund to Gangnam-gu Volunteer Service Center

Nuga Oriental Medical Instrument Research Center works with Sangji University Oriental Medical Equipment Industry Promotion Center to research and develop medical equipment based on the Oriental Medicine.

As it become an affiliated research center as of July 1, 2008. It is putting the best effort in developing integrated medical equipment based on clinical researches of the Oriental Medicine.

♣ Nuga Best hosts the sponsoring event of "Building the Home of Love" and its completion ceremony in Vietnam

On July 28, 2009, Nuga Best hosted the sponsoring event of “Building the Home of Love” and its completion ceremony in TienGiang, Vietnam. This “Building the Home of Love” event of Nuga Best Vietnam has the subject for those soldiers injured in the War and their surviving family members, and it would prepare a total of 5 units of home in TienGiang, approximately 3 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City.And Chairman Seung-hyun Cho had the interview with the local press in Vietnam and said that “health, love and service activities, we wish to convey the image of Nuga Best for sharing its love to its customers and add our efforts toexpanding the sharing perception and sharing culture to the global community.” Nuga Best is committed to lead the social contribution activities to make the global advanced welfare society.

♣ Nuga Medical Instrument, Sponsors the First Wheelchair Baseketball Competition for Wonju City Mayor Cup

On June 26, 2009, the First Wheelchair Basketball Competition for Wonju City Mayor Cup was held at Chiak Gymnasium within the sports complex of Wonju City. Nuga Medical Instrument delivered the sponsorship fund to Gangwon-do Disabled Basketball Association and wished well for the advancement of the wheelchair basketball, as it is called as the flower of he sports for the disabled. And, it delivered the congratulatory speech by saying that “the company is pleased to help in laying down the foundation to improve the welfare and competitiveness edge of wheelchair basketball teams and operate under safe environment thereof. Nuga Medical Instrument that practices health, love and service expects this Wheelchair Basketball Competition to be a turning point to bring energy to the sports event for the disabled in the Gangwon area.

♣ Sponsorships for welfare facilities and scholarships delivered for 2008

In December 2008, CEO Hong Jae Kim and other executives and employees of the Main Office delivered the funds for sponsorships and scholarships of 2008 at Wonju City Hall Conference Room.The funds were delivered to four local welfare facilities, including the House of Peace, and to nine students, including Jun Yong Yoon.

CEO Kim encouraged the welfare facilities and scholarship beneficiaries to keep up the good work to pursue their dreams and hopes.

♣ Sustainable concern after donation event by girl students in Qingdao, China

After donation event by chunlei girl students living in Lichang, Qingdao, in February 2007, Chung Hyo-kwon, president and executives, and Lichang-gu, vice-president of women federation met Chunlei girl students at Yangguangjari

Hotel in Qingdao and had dinners with conversation President Chung asked the status of school works of the students and encouraged them by rendering some presents.

♣ Delivering Nugabest products and attendance at Little Jesus Community

Attendance body that consisted of executives and family of Nuga Medical visited Little Jesus Community again in June 2007, that had been visited in December, 2006. They presented Nuga Best products with the function of finger-pressure treatment, moxa cautery, and heating to elderly gentlemen with disable physical conditions.

♣ House of blessing 2nd visits for donation and volunteer activities

March 2007, volunteer group organised by our staff and family members revisited house of blessing to share prepared Kimpab (rice rolled in dried laver) and give out donations. This day all of our staffs and family members rolled up their sleeves to prepare enough Kimpab and soup to feed nearly 50 house of blessing family members. We had a great time with house of blassing members and we promised that we will continuously show our concerns and love towards to them.

♣ ChingtaoLeeker medical appliance service limited "sharing love in the hope" charity event.

February 2007, China Chingtao corporate held “sharing love in the hope” charity event in Chingtao, congress of people’s deputy meeting room. China Chingtao corporate and Jung president also held “School girls in Chun Rye” charity event. Reaching out our warm hand to  those who have difficulties in living, retired labourers, college students on a tight budget by giving away Renminbi.

♣ House of blessing (mental retardation disabled foster care)

February 2007, our staff inscribed donation by visiting House of blessing (mental retardation disabled foster care) in Panbu-Myun, Wonju-Si. In the house of blessing there were nearly 50 members from children to aged men, all of them sacrificing and helping each others for welfares of disabled.

♣ Mother's love (orphanage) donation hand over

December 2006, our staff members visited Mother’s love orphanage to offer donations. The children in Mother’s love are lovely kids but only whose parents in certain circumstances. These children needs love and they are the hope in the future, open your mind to them. And for the people who would like to sponsor the children, contact us with the numbers in the bottom.

♣ Little Jesus community (care for elders without dependents) donation contribution

In December 2006, our staff visited Little Jesus Community in Wonju-Si Guirea-Myun to contribute donation. Little Jesus Community is for elders without dependents and size of around 30 members. Little Jesus Community awaits for your sincere help.