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NUGA R&D Center

Contribute to human health with Research and Development of Advanced Therapeutic Technology.

We are actively adjusting to the fast-changing medical equipment market and contributing to health and welfare of the mankind by leading new product development and advanced research and development.

NRC | NUGA R&D Center

NUGA R&D Center takes charge of Nuga Medical's new product research and its development and plays the central role to develop Nuga Medical into a world-class company. As the technological leader of its market, Nuga Medical obtained the Affiliated Research Center Certification from the Korea Industrial Technology Association on September 14, 2005 to prove to the world the advanced development of Korea’s medical equipment industry.

NICMIC | NUGA IT Convergence Medical Instrument Research Center

NUGA IT Convergence Medical Instrument Research Center is located inside the Advanced Medical Equipment Techno tower at Yonsei University Wonju Maeji Campus. It is developing healthcare products that measures and analyzes bio signals in collaboration with Yonsei University and is preparing to launch U-Healthcare, a future-oriented industry.

NOMIC | NUGA Oriental Medical Instrument Research Center

Nuga Oriental Medical Instrument Research Center works with Sangji University Oriental Medical Equipment Industry Promotion Center to research and develop medical equipment based on the Oriental Medicine.
As an affiliated research center as of July 1, 2008, we are putting the best effort in developing integrated medical equipment based on clinical researches of the Oriental Medicine.