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A global company contributing to the health of our customers with its high-tech medical equipment.

Under our philosophy of "contribution to human health", NUGA Medical Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002, as an innovative, young enterprise which is competent to achieve customer satisfaction with advanced technology and sophisticated service, to keep up with the pace with the rapidly even-changing world and further to lead such changes.

NUGA BEST is a company specialising in home medical appliances loved by people around the world with the customer-oriented experience marketing and warm customer service.

Since its establishment, the company has made astonishing growth as it achieved US$200 million worth of export in 2011.

NUGA BEST is committed to practice the spirit of heath, love and service and diverse the social contribution service to through its Best House Centres around the world.

Focusing on developing value-oriented products and services for customer satisfaction, the company has created customised health care culture service for the 21st century.

High-quality service involving a range of medical devices and health care education through  our internationally distributed PR offices has made us the market leader.

As a noticeable leader, we are capable of creating a flexible experience-based marketing culture, and have consistently demonstrated these model cases in practice which has been positively evaluated amongst our world-wide customers.

NUGA BEST has a remarkably stable sales network structure around the world with some 3,500 shops in only 6 years of its establishment. Initially introduced to China, we have now branched out to 65 countries including the US, UK, Germany, Russia, India, Philippines and Malaysia.

It would be impossible to accomplish this without our confidence and pride on our product s and our unyielding challenging spirit. NUGA BEST is still committed to structure its sales network throughout the world to spur on its corporate globalisation.

The mission and final goal of NUGA BEST is to have all people around the world to be healthy.